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What is Rosie Riveters?

Rosie Riveters is a registered 501 c3 that provides a fun space for girls ages 4­-14 to imagine, create and play while developing their skills in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Our goal is to equip and empower girls to be strong, confident, and competent in the fields of STEM through hands on projects and mentorship programs.

Let’s teach girls to delete the words “I can’t” from their vocabulary and inspire them to always be confident enough to try.

By sharing relevant, stimulating content, conducting hands-on experiments, and introducing role models from various fields, Rosie Riveters strives to encourage girls to engage with STEM and see possibilities for their future careers.

Our Program

The core of Rosie Riveters’ programs is a project-based, after-school curriculum for girls aged 4-14 (grades pre-K-8) that is open to the public and is completely free of charge. Each of the twelve sessions of our 4-week program features:

  • an interactive overview of a STEM concept (density, circuits, chemical reactions, etc.);
  • a tangible and hands-on project that explores that concept;
  • exploration of real-world careers associated with the above project through interaction with mentors.

  • The hands-on projects at the core of our program teach STEM skills, encourage girls to develop their own creative processes for design and implementation, and enable them to see their skills in action. All these elements work together to develop each participant’s confidence in her abilities.

    Our pilot program at Shirlington Branch of Arlington Public Library in Arlington, VA finished on March 17, 2016. Weekly classes (available to boys and girls) featured hands-on experiments and real- world role models to inspire kids with the confidence to try.

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    Meet the Founder

    Brittany Greer

    Brittany Greer

    Welcome to Rosie Riveters, I am so excited for you to join us on our journey to empower girls with the “confidence to try” and enrich their lives through the wondrous world of STEM. A little about me: I am the mother to an amazing, strong-willed, funny, sweet ,and adventurous two year old little girl who serves as my inspiration for this organization. My little bookworm and I read A LOT, and can frequently be found at the library reading, exploring,and attending storytime. So when the idea for Rosie Riveters was formed the library felt like a natural fit. They are an incredible resource for communities and serve as a neutral zone where girls can come and explore their STEM potential and build their confidence.

    In addition to being a mother, I am also the owner and operator of my own strategic communications consultancy with experience in the political, digital ,and non-profit sectors. A lover of science and tech, I am constantly inspired by the amazing innovations being made everyday and hope to inspire girls to use their skills in STEM to change the world.

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