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Rosie Riveters is a 501c3 nonprofit whose mission is to equip and empower preschool to middle school girls from diverse backgrounds to be strong, confident, and competent in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) by providing a fun space for to imagine, learn, build, and play. 


Participant Testimonials

"It helped me improve my science grade." - 8th grader

"I just really enjoyed it and am really glad that there is a program (especially a free one) for girls to participate in." - 4th grader

"I started a business with binary code jewelry!" - Kindergartener

"Rosie Riveters is fun for my brain." - 3rd grader

"It was very easy to learn the information, and helped with with a project I had in science." -6th grader

"We made new stuff, we learned new stuff and it was fun!" - 2nd grader

"I believe that it is vitally important that little kids (especially young girls) be introduced to science at a young age before they get under the impression that science isn’t “cool.”" - 6th grader

"I have learned so much and have been participating in it for about 5 years." - 6th grader

"Rosie Riveters makes me feel smart cause no one I know knows what [sic] parabolic arc is :)" - 4th grade 

"Rosie Riveters inspired me to enjoy STEAM more." -6th grader


Parent Testimonials

“Looking forward to more STEM learning soon! My daughter has really gotten very interested in science and technology since your program. She is hungry for more!”

“I just want to say thank you for this wonderful program. My daughter has loved it and now has a new interest in STEM thanks to you.”

"My daughter. . . struggles sometimes with science but Rosie Riveters is the program that makes her love science and enjoy it and really want to do it."

"Rosie Riveters has truly allowed my daughter to feel confident and brave in standing out, and I'm incredibly grateful for the opportunity to be part of such an incredible organization."

"I wish it was a longer program, more classes. To the staff: just want to thank you for inspiring girls to be more interested in STEM programs from a young age. Looking forward to the next Rosie program."

“Great program- just wish it were easier to get into/was offered more often/more girls could participate. Highly recommended!”

I really like everything [about the] program. I just wish that you could get more fund, and you can make longer programs for more kids! THANK YOU ALL!

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