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Blue Whale Size

Did you know that a blue whale's tongue weighs as much as an ELEPHANT!?! Or that it's heart is the size of a CAR? Explore these fascinating creatures and calculate their size while flexing your arithmetic and measurement skills using just a measuring tape and chalk! Not going to lie this activity is fun for ALL ages! Learn more about blue whales here

1. Gather your supplies. A measuring instrument (measuring tape, ruler, yard stick, jump rope) and chalk. 
2. Blue whales can grow to be nearly 100 FT long! Calculate how many units of your measuring instrument you will need to use to measure 100 Feet! We used a 5ft measuring tape so 20 lengths of our tape would get us to our goal! 
3.Grab an adult and head outside. Measure the 100ft using your measuring instrument and draw you're very own blue whale using your chalk! 
4. Compare your size to the size of the blue whale! We calculated that we could fit about 25 Veronica's and about 6 Cars inside our blue whale!
5. After reading up on some of the facts about blue whales head over at NatGeo Kids and add some of the details. Can you draw a car sized heart or a baby blue whale?

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