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Engineer a Pulley

Whether you're trying to move something the from the ground to a tree top reading spot or lift a heavy object a pulley system can help make the process easier! In fact there is evidence of people using pulley systems as far back as 1500 BCE! Grab your jump rope and pail and join us for this fun engineering project! This project requires ADULT SUPERVISION. 

Learn more about pulley systems here

1. Acquire the materials: A pail with a handle and a jump/regular rope. 
2. Loop the jump rope around a branch or banister. 
3. Tie a knot around the handle of the pail at one end of the jump rope. 
4. Lower the pail to the ground by giving slack to the other end of the jump rope. 
5. Load the pail with needed items. (Ex. Reading Material and Snacks)
6. Pull the jump rope towards you until the pail has made it's way to you.
7. Read, snack and enjoy! 


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