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Building a tunnel involves A LOT more engineering and skill than simply digging a hole in the ground. Explore excavation, supports, and shielding using a shovel, pail, and a cardboard tube in this fun outdoor activity. This activity is fun for all ages! It's kind of hard not to get excited when a squirrel runs through your tunnel!  


1. Learn about the process of engineering a tunnel here: 




2. Dig a channel using your shovel and pail.

3. Use your shovel to pack the sides of your channel to support the sides and top of your tunnel. 
4. Place your tunnel shield into the channel (we used an cardboard oatmeal canister with the bottom cut off). 
5. Carefully cover your tunnel shield evenly with dirt. Be careful not to add the dirt too quickly or concentrate it in one spot as this can cause your tunnel to cave in! 


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