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In order make our programs as accessible as possible we actively seek out and establish partnerships with community groups and resources providers. These partnerships allow our organization to provide the community with enriched programming opportunities while tapping into community resources such as student transportation, activity space, and wider student support networks. 

Arlington County Public Libraries (APL)

APL provides us with free space to conduct our programs and has also assisted with the vetting of volunteers.This arrangement is mutually beneficial; the library adds an incredibly popular and free STEM program to its roster in a market where libraries are devoting increasing resources to technology programs and maker spaces, while Rosie Riveters has a space for its programs.

Fairfax County Community Centers

As an organization, we are committed to reaching populations that have difficulty accessing after-school STEM programming. Our partnership with Neighborhood and Community Services (NCS) at Fairfax County Community Centers enables us to directly provide for those populations in a manner that is both accessible to the community and supportive of existing NCS programs (homework time, food assistance meal programs, etc.).

Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS)

In 2019, Rosie Riveters launched an after-school program at Mark Twain Middle School in Alexandria, VA. This program was established to support the wider STEM pipeline in Fairfax County Schools, the Global STEM Challenges Program (GSCP) in particular. GSCP is a three-year, interdisciplinary high school program centered on problem-based challenges that connect STEM to the real-world. The Rosie Riveters program provides the experience, tools, and exposure to STEM learning models in middle school in order to prepare and recruit rising freshmen into GSCP.

Arlington County Public Schools (APS)

In Spring 2020 Rosie Riveters will begin a new partnership with Title 1 schools in Arlington Public School district. This partnership will help to provide additional programming opportunities in Arlington,VA where our waitlist is more than 300 girls long.

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