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It's cold outside and the options to do anything that involve leaving your warm home seem limited at best. But with school delays and closings piling up we wanted to provide a fun STEM activity to keep everyone hopefully occupied and entertained. 

One advantage that SUPER cold temperatures have is that they provide an opportunity to create FROZEN BUBBLES! If you're little one created their own "super strength" bubble solution with us then now is a great time to get it out and explore the STEM around bubbles even further. However, if your little one didn't create bubble solution with us there is no need to worry as any store bought bubble solution should suit. 

The skin of a bubble is actually made up of three layers (see image) and when temperatures drop (we mean really drop like into the single digits and below) the water layer can begin to freeze! 

For the best chance at creating Elsa grade bubbles we'd suggest blowing the bubble and then gently catching them on the wand. As our temperatures may not dip below zero degrees Fahrenheit the bubbles need a little bit of time to sit for the water layer to crystalize.

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