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Thank you for watching us on Good Morning America! We’re Rosie Riveters, and we provide a fun space for girls ages 4-14 to imagine, create and play while developing their skills in STEM.


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So, how can you help us in our mission to inspire girls to always be confident enough to try? Please consider making a donation. Your monetary support is crucial to keeping our STEM programs for girls FREE for all participants, and for growing our programs in the Washington D.C. area and beyond. Donate here today!

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Likes and follows can turn into big things for nonprofits, so be sure to follow us on twitter at @ARosieRiveter and @RosieRiveters on instagram and Facebook. And, of course, subscribe to our new Youtube channel!

Interested in bringing Rosie Riveters to your community?

Rosie Riveters is growing and expanding everyday, and we are actively working to build the reach of our programs to engage and inspire girls in STEM. If you're interested in supporting the development of a Rosie Riveters program in your community let us know here.

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