What is Cookies and Confidence?

Cookies & Confidence is a fundraising event for Rosie Riveters where families with kids of all ages can participate in an interactive, STEM based project, while eating sweet treats and meeting new friends. 

Throw your own Cookies and Confidence playdate!

Cookies and Confidence is a great way to catch up and/or meet new friends while doing something charitable as you can simply host your playdate at home, invite all your friends, enjoy a fun activity and eat cookies!

How do I host my own Cookies and Confidence playdate?

  1. Invite everyone - Get all your family, friends, colleagues and neighbors together. You can ask them to come using the really quick and simple e-invitations provided with the Cookies and Confidence kit or by sharing your event on Facebook.

  2. Ask for a donation - Ask your guests to make a donation for the cookies and STEM activity. You can also raise money by playing games and raffles.
  3. Organize your activity - We have a number of low-cost and easy to deliver STEM projects you can organize at home. Reach out to us at [email protected] and we will send you a copy of our Cookies & Confidence event guide. 
  4. Make it look lovely - Bake your yummiest cookies or buy them! Print off cookie cards to let your guests know the flavor of each one. Put posters up and make your Cookies & Confidence playdate venue look lovely. We Can Do It!

If I host a Cookies & Confidence playdate how do I pay in the donations?

You can submit your donations online via https://www.rosieriveters.com/cookies_and_confidence_donation.


E-mail us at [email protected] and we will send you the Cookies and Confidence event guide featuring a fun STEM activity, e-invites, cookie cards and posters.