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As an organization that inspires girls in STEM we are, in turn, inspired by the intelligence, tenacity, and creativity of the young women we interact with on a daily basis. They are the reason we're working so hard to change the fact that only 28% of the current science and engineering workforce is female. Because as our interns and all of our participants make abundantly clear, they are the future of STEM!

If you know a girl (4th grade and up) who loves STEM and would like to help us create super fun online content, please email us to learn more about our distance-learning internship. We can't wait to work with even more future scientists and engineers!

Final projects, which are recorded in the style of Rosie Riveters' Rosie Makes videos, are distributed across Rosie Riveters communications channels for parents and children to utilize at home.

These internships build STEM, communications, organizational, research and leadership skills. 

Check out some of the awesome projects created by our interns below: 

Rosie Makes: Bee Hummers - An exploration of sound

Written, Directed and Produced By: Dakota 

Snack Time Science: Explore natural resources and the traits of photosynthetic organs.

Written, Directed and Produced By: Hope

Rosie Makes: Bird Houses- Utilizing natural resources and photosynthetic organs to construct a Birdhouse.

Written, Directed and Produced By: Hope

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