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Since Rosie Riveters founding in 2015, we have served over 11K participants, built partnerships with more than 10 community-serving organizations ranging from public school systems to affordable housing corporations, and achieved overwhelming positive results.

According to cumulative data, 96% of participants enjoyed the program and 71% were inspired to further explore STEM.

Participant Testimonials

"I started a business with binary code jewelry!" - Kindergartener

"Rosie Riveters makes me feel smart cause no one I know knows what [sic] parabolic arc is :)" - 4th grade

"Rosie Riveters is fun for my brain." - 3rd grader

"It helped me improve my science grade." - 8th grader

Parent Testimonials

“My daughter struggles sometimes with science but Rosie Riveters. . . makes her love it and really want to do it."

“Looking forward to more STEM learning soon! My daughter has really gotten very interested in science and technology since your program. She is hungry for more!”

"Rosie Riveters has truly allowed my daughter to feel confident and brave in standing out, and I'm incredibly grateful for the opportunity to be part of such an incredible organization."

The Future Is Bright

Your donation will help inspire and motivate girls to try new STEM skills
while helping bridge the gender gap currently found in the sciences.


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Rosie Riveters' inspires the dreamers and doers of tomorrow. Our curriculum is based on providing a productive struggle to build participants' critical thinking, problem solving skills, and overall confidence in STEM. 

By working with a broad range of community partners Rosie Riveters' is able to provide access to a diverse range of participants as well as insight into the adaptations required to meet varied community needs. Through this approach, Rosie Riveters is able to provide quality STEM programming in environments where community partners are working more broadly to mitigate social, environmental, or systematic factors that might otherwise limit participation in STEM. Check out some our awesome partners and programs below. 

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