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The Rosie Riveters' Military Family Programs provide military spouses with flexible, well-paid teaching positions and offer free STEM education for military connected communities. 

This program also fosters a unique learning environment for participants, where failure is seen as a crucial step towards success. By encouraging girls to explore, fail, and persevere in STEM projects without direct instructions, the program builds confidence and critical thinking skills, essential for future success in STEM fields.


Rosie Military Spouse Instructors

“The opportunity to work with Rosie Riveters was just what I needed as I arrived in a new place with few connections. I was able to step my toe in the workforce while having the flexibility to manage our cross-country move and acclimate to our new home. I am very thankful to both Rosie Riveters and BSF for creating a space for military spouses to support young girls becoming more confident critical thinkers and curious learners.”

- Rosie Military Spouse Instructor

My favorite thing about the Rosie Riveters’ program was “When we learned all about STEM. This is an amazing experience that I will remember for my whole life entirely. Everything was the best!”

- 3rd Grade Rosie Riveters Tampa participant

Tampa Programs
Rosie Girls

“Please bring this back. My daughter was very uninterested in math and now she wants more.”

-Parent of a Rosie Riveters’ Tampa program participant



Discover how Rosie Riveters is achieving our mission with the skills and needs of military spouses at top of mind.

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