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Our high-school program, Rosie Innovators, enables us to continue to build upon the trust and long-term relationships established with young women and their families, creating our very own STEM pipeline that runs from preschool to college.

The program is open to young women who will be in the 10th-12th grades in the fall of 2024. We'll meet on Monday evenings at a metro-accessible location in Arlington, VA starting in September 2024, and in-person attendance is required to participate in the programThere will also be one event on a Tuesday or Wednesday evening (STEM Night) and three Saturday workshops (date and time TBD). The program runs from September 2024-April 2025.


So what is Rosie Innovators? Our program was designed by a former college admissions professional to prepare young women interested in STEM for college and careers in the field. In 2024-25, the program will combine hands-on STEM community engagement as well college and career preparation. Each participant will develop their own hands-on STEM project for elementary schoolers on a topic related directly to their interests. The project allows them to delve deeper into a subject area that matters to them, and think through how to translate and communicate those concepts in a way that elementary-school students (and their parents!) will understand. They'll then present these projects at a local STEM Night!


Participants will also take part in three Saturday workshops where they'll interact with women in STEM careers and gain important communication, networking, and presentation skills. 


Overall, the program is designed to provide participants with an opportunity for hands-on STEM engagement in the community as well as a solid foundation for a career in STEM. As one 2022-23 participant described the program, “I would like to thank you for a great year in the Rosie Innovators program. I have really enjoyed this experience and the wonderful connections it has given me. I feel much more prepared and confident for my future in STEM because of the vast resources, events, and connections you have provided me with.”


To apply for the 2024-25 program, please visit


Have questions? Don't hesitate to get in touch at [email protected].



Interested in the STEM projects previous Rosie Innovators have designed? Check them out below! All these projects were researched, developed, and presented at a STEM Night organized and executed by Rosie Innovators in order to share their passion for STEM with elementary-school children and inspire the next generation in the field.


DNA Models 

by Ella and SamanthaDNA.png

 Bobbin Pulleys 

by EmmaPulley.png


by Qiaojing and EmmaScope.png

Toothpick Constellations 

by Kathryn, Julienne, and KateStars.png

 Make Hovercrafts 

by HopeHover.png


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