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Use time to calculate the perfect star

Practice counting by fives, using a ruler, scissors skills and tracing all with this fun star activity! This activity is great for grades K -3rd. For our older participants try removing the clock and calculating the angles of a perfect star (Math Village has a good guide to get you started).


1. Print off a clock face template. Find the points marking the following minutes past the hour: 

  • 12 mins past 
  • 24 mins past
  • 36 mins past
  • 48 mins past
  • 60 mins or o'clock

2. Using a ruler draw a line to connect the following points:

  • 12 mins past  to 36 mins past
  • 24 mins past to 48 mins past
  • 36 mins past to o'clock
  • 48 mins past to 12 mins past
  • 60 mins or o'clock to 24 mins past
3. Cut along the outline to create a symmetrical five point star template.  
4. Grab your chalk and trace your template to create a beautiful star-filled surface. 
5. We used yellow chalk and created 36 stars to represent the 36 states needed to approve the 19th Amendment. To learn more about this historic event check out A Mighty Girl's Guide: How Women Won The Vote: Books for Kids & Adults About the U.S. Suffrage Movement

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